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Welcome to our Free Lightroom Presets page! Each week we like to give away a free item from one of our collections so you can try them out. Also take a look at our YouTube channel where we announce each preset and show the whole free preset bundle in action.

Updated: May 29th, 2020

Our “Freebie” presets are 100% free to download and use for personal or commercial work, you can also add them to your website for your readers to download – please reach out to us if you’re interested in a business partnership.  You can contact us to find out how this license arrangement works.

We also provide instruction on how to install mobile Lightroom presets. The Free version of Lightroom that is available for iPhone and Android is extremely powerful and many of the same features on the desktop version of Lightroom can be found on the mobile version.

Mobile Lightroom presets are very popular among social media influencers because the presets allow them to create a more custom and personalize look to their social posts. We work with Influencers to create custom Lightroom preset packs that they can give away or sell to their audience.

Take a look below where we have presets for all types of photography, please don’t forget to tell us what you think of them by leaving a review at the bottom – thanks!

What is Lightroom

Lightroom is a very popular piece of software created by Adobe for photographers which enables them to do 3 functions. You can use it as an image library tool to manage and organize all your photos, you can also use it to develop and edit those photos in JPG or RAW format and lastly, it is for exporting those images.  Lightroom Presets provide the perfect workflow automation opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts.

What are Lightroom Presets

When you are editing your photos in Lightroom in the “Develop” module, you can create different effects and styles by altering the many variables such as exposure, contrast, color, tone curve and so on. When you are happy with the look you have created, you are able to save the settings so that you can use them again later on different photos. When you save your settings, a file with the extension .lrtemplate is created and this is known as a “preset”.  Lrtemplate files are easy to install we will show you how to load your presets in your Lightroom application.

You are able to download presets created by other photographers and use them on your own photos, at Photonify we sell collections of presets for many different types of photography styles.  You likely found us on Google because of the professional designs we provide for both our free preset bundles and our premium lightroom presets.

How to Install a Lightroom Preset

Installing presets in Lightroom is super simple, just follow these instructions:

Open Lightroom

In the top menu go To: “Edit” > “Preferences”

Click the “Presets” tab at the top of the box and then click on the box titled: “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”

This will open a Windows file explorer box. Double Click on” Lightroom” and then Double Click on “Develop Presets”

Copy your presets into the “Develop Presets” folder.

Restart Lightroom

Your presets will now be available to use under the “Develop” area.

How to Use Lightroom Presets

There are many ways to use our Adobe Lightroom presets. Whether you’re a professional photographer, blogger, business owner, or hobbyist, our presets will make your photos pop.

If you’re already a professional photographer, you can apply the presets to any of your client projects. This will save you countless hours of editing time while allowing you to wow your clients and create a beautiful, consistent portfolio.

Maybe you’re a charity in need of non profit fundraising ideas, or blogger looking to make your website or social media feeds look more professional. If that’s the case, our presets add an artistic touch to product, fashion, food and travel photos.

If you’re a photography newbie, there are many ways you can practice shooting and editing. Ask friends and family members to model and pose for photos. Take a trip to the beach or mountains and practice your landscape photography. Whatever your inspiration, we have a preset that will take your snapshots from amateur to professional in just a few simple clicks.

Our presets are used Finally, if you truly want to put your photography skills to the test, consider entering a photo contest to see how your pictures stack up against others. Our presets can give your photos a competitive edge and take your entry from meh to amazing.

We love to hear from people who use our presets so get in touch with us with us if you’d like to share your images.

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 by sol
Perfect preset

Nice preset for edition!!!

 by AM

the filters look very good :--)

 by Sebastian
Downloads don't work anymore

I liked the presets a lot but now there's no download available anymore. It's just a redirection to the main free-page. 🙁

 by Nuha Thayyib

Great presets!!??

 by Chris

Love them, Great Job

 by Adnan

Good preset mate, thank you

 by Lorenzo
Beautiful Presets

These are beautiful starting points for photos, as well as learning how to edit

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Great presets!

These look really good!

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Quero presets


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Very nice presets!

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çok güzel bir presets teşekkürler

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good preset

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Good preset

I see this preset so beatiful picture

 by Chadil Yuenying
Very nice

Thank you so much

 by Kimberly

Like this very much

 by Nathan DK
Awesome presets

I love these presets, they're great!

 by Weird Mike
Great collection!

I am a person without a budget but looking to sharpen my craft and I would like to say THANKS!

 by karan
awsome presets


 by Emily

Such beautiful presets!!

 by uya
good presets ever

good presets

 by diogo

so muito pao

 by Alexandre Santos

Muito BoOoom

 by Nova

Nice presets

 by clarissa martinez

I've been using their presets for a while now, and I love them! They are great and allow you to try out different styles and decide whether or not you'll purchase the full bundle. Really great!

 by Donny Helvey

Love these presets. They do such a good job!

 by Johanna Feh

These are all good presets.

 by zuan

 by Nikolina

 by Nico Yustiawan

Very good

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